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TAXI is proud to offer an immersive residence program at the intersection of nature and industry. The TAXI AIR is dedicated to exploring the role of an artist and their place in socially minded, public art of all mediums. Artists are encouraged to create pieces that compel interaction with the greater RiNo and Denver community and to find unique and novel ways to forge bonds with the community at large.

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I loved being at the TAXI Residency for many reasons- the studio is gorgeous and filled with natural light and is adjacent to the South Platte River. Being on the TAXI property makes you feel immersed in a supernatural environment filled with native plants, the sound of freight trains reconnecting, grasshoppers singing, and excellent views of sunset while still in a big city. This residency granted me the space and opportunity to experiment with materials, and fostered a serious desire of mine to become more of a multi-dimensional artist. There is a very supportive environment at the TAXI AIR in which you can have a really incredible and fruitful experience, ultimately to evolve as an artist, which we all hope to do. Also, TAXI actually wants you to deliver on crazy ideas… they love crazy ideas, and even more so when you can inject it into the Denver cultural scene.
— Lisa Solberg, September 2018 Artist

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through art

The TAXI AIR invites artist activists of all mediums to submit proposals for public facing art that addresses diversity, community involvement, and issues of global and local good. We put a high value on concepts that bring benefit to the surrounding Denver community and can take the form of workshops, public works, classes, openings and other elements of social involvement.

My time at the TAXI Artist Residency provided me with ample space to work large and explore several bodies of work at the same time. The amount of space also allowed me to see my work with physical space around it and reflect on ways to install sculptures alongside two-dimensional work. The residency financial support for materials gave me the opportunity to experiment with new techniques with silicone. The experimental techniques were later used to create a new body of work which was exhibited December 2018 the Miami Untitled Art Fair.
— Amber Cobb, June 2018 Artist

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Current Artist:
Johnny DeFeo

The space at Taxi was gorgeous, the big studio had great lighting and allowed me to work through a whole series of collages. I created a large painting while in residence at Taxi that came out beautifully. The moveable walls allowed me to rearrange the space in different layouts. Friendly people in and out the building all day and our contacts at Taxi were more than supportive and helpful.
— Mario Zoots, May 2018 Artist

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3575 Ringsby Ct
Denver, CO 80216


We are out-of-the-box thinkers and want artists willing to challenge the conceptual status quo. Successful applications will be provided time, space and support to extend their work.